Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coug-ratulations Courteney Cox...

...on a hilarious new show!! (Okay, that heading was so cheesy I should set it out to catch mice!) Here are my first thoughts on ABC's new Wednesday night comedies.

Modern Family: moderately amusing. There were a few laughs, but for the most part, it left me wanting more. I really want to like this show. They sucked me in with the following lines of dialogue in their promos:

Gay #1: "Why is our daughter dressed like Donna Summer?"

Gay #2: "Clearly she is Diana Ross from the RCA years!"

Only a true diva fanatic can appreciate that part of the 1980s that brought us such Miss Ross gems as "Mirror, Mirror," "Muscles," "Pieces of Ice," and the Ross/Barry Gibb/Michael Jackson collaboration "Eaten Alive."

The first episode of "Family" contained no such gems. Guess I'll have to wait for the episode with the bewigged adopted baby.

Cougartown, on the other hand, was a riot! Ten times better! Granted, I may be a bit biased. I spent 10 years invested in the goings-on of Courteney Cox & crew on Friends. But Cougartown is a refreshing adult comedy!

So much is sanitized these days that I was giddy with glee at the dirtiness "CT" got away with! As Jules, Courteney is jumping back into dating/preying on younger men. One of the first episode's delights was the intimate moment our protagonist gets caught in, and the fruit she is subsequently forbidden from eating!

It seems our gal Jules is a successful real estate agent. The sexy photo on her signs inspires the lust of a neighborhood tween boy. I'm assuming she's successful because, as a sign maker, I know those signs would've cost a pretty penny. They're larger than average size, with a full-color photo, and made of material strong enough not to bend when being used to beat someone over the head!

I say it was a slam-dunk for Court and Cougartown on premiere night. Let's hope they keep it up!!

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