Friday, July 31, 2009

Bette Midler on Today & Regis!

Man, I have been a slacking blogger lately! But hey, this is great--a quick interview with Miss M on the Today Show:

And check out Regis & Kelly this morning as the Divine one co-hosts! I'm assuming she's filling in for Kelly, not Regis. Should be interesting!!

It was so great to see The Showgirl Must Go On this past May in Las Vegas (8th row!) and I hope to see her again soon! If you get a chance, go!! Such a spectacle!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Brother 11 Cast Revealed!

This morning, CBS' Early Show revealed the cast of Big Brother 11, premiering July 9 on CBS! Pix and bios are posted on the CBS site.

There's always at least one gay person, and this year it's Kevin. A graphic designer from Chula Vista, CA, Kevin grew up Jehovah's Witness but was excommunicated at the age of 21. He's now 29, calls himself "blackanese" (I love it!) and says he can get bitchy. Gurrl, who can't?

Chima, is a journalist from West Hollywood, so I'm pegging her as the faghag. This 32-year-old single gal is "looking for a man who is tall, considerate and has a great sense of humor." Surely she's surrounded by plenty of guys like that, living in WeHo, but Margaret Cho would say, "Girl, you better be more specific!"

CBS has only announced 12 houseguests so far, and there's a mystery HG to be announced July 7. Speculation is that there may be as many as 14 prisoners (uh... I mean... players) in the house. For ALL the latest on Big Brother, check out BBDish. This girl is on top of it! Seriously!