Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow night, January 27, it's Margaret's musical extravaganza Fingerbang! Margaret likens it to Hee-Haw, but less country and less corny.

Our gal has gotten "guitarded" (her word, not mine) and has been singing songs such as "Eat Me Out" (on the Beautiful tour) and a Repeal Prop 8 ditty.

She'll be joined by Jill Sobule (she was kissing girls in the '90s, long before Katy Perry) as well as "Sensuous Woman" costars Liam Sullivan, Ian Harvie, Kurt Hall and Selene Luna.

Check Margaret's site for info. Of course I'll be there and I'll report back on the festivities. I can't wait!!

Margaret Cho on The Doctors Today!

Hey, don't miss Margaret co-hosting the syndicated show The Doctors today. It's supposed to be their vagina episode. Sounds awesome to me!

If you're in LA, hit up The Ian Harvie Show tonight. Selene Luna and a "surprise guest" are appearing. Go here and vote for Ian Harvie to be on LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show. You can vote once every 24 hours!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Madonna and "Madonna" Videos

Check out Madonna in this behind-the-scenes video from her Louis Vuitton shoot with Marc Jacobs. About halfway through the video, that fuzzy ensemble pops up. You know, the one she worked on the red carpet a while back. At least no one can say Madge isn't green!

And, for a great laugh, don't miss this hilarious video. The fabulous Selene Luna rocks as the hairrific Lourdes and Nadya Ginsburg nails Madonna's accent. She kills it! Seriously. Watch. Now!